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Training for 3D Concrete Printing

Embark on a seamless transition to the future of construction – you’ll understand 3D concrete printing as well as we do.

Make 3D Concrete Printing Easy

When you invest in an X-Hab 3D concrete printing system, you gain an entire process framework – one backed by comprehensive training and real-time support. We guide you every step of the way, from mastering your new printing system to making informed decisions about concrete printing mixtures and digital designs to print.

Buyers of X-Hab 3D mobile or stationary printers receive training on: 

  • 3D printer software
  • Material choice and mixing
  • Equipment operation
  • Design and printing techniques
  • Safety protocols
  • Storage and maintenance
Kristin Table Training Session 2

X-Hab 3D’s House of Support

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3D Printer Technician

How Does 3D Printer Technician Training Work?

X-Hab 3D product training consists of a structured, hands-on program with your printer system. We teach owners and operators best practices for:

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Standards compliance
  • Print monitoring
  • More

Don’t worry about safety gear or any official 3DCP certification – we’ll provide both. 

After installation, use our tech support to diagnose issues in real time. We can remotely access your sensor and camera data and pinpoint a solution almost instantly.

All of our 3D construction services ensure you’re equipped start-to-finish with an understanding of X-Hab 3D system hardware, process, and capabilities.

Reduce Your Waste With 3D-Printed Concrete

We extend the frontier of rapid 3D printing for building concrete structures. Use X-Hab 3D to ease labor needs or create social impact!