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Our Ecosystem of 3D Concrete Printing Construction Technology

X-Hab 3D isn’t just a showcase for the future of 3D concrete printing technology. It’s here now, ready to solve your building challenges today.

Integrated 3D Concrete Printers, Materials, & Design Technology

Just like smooth, successful construction projects require all hands on deck, you can’t 3D print concrete without a system-level solution. Hardware, software, and materials are all critical components for speed, cost, and quality.

Our 3DCP system includes a customized 3D concrete printer that sets in a precise and controlled manner, locally available concrete  that sets quickly without formwork, and preprogramming and on-site software. System capabilities range from standard to complex and custom shapes – faster, at a lower cost, and with higher quality than traditional construction.

X-Hab’s 3D concrete printing technology is an integrated ecosystem built to erase the industry’s biggest obstacles:

  • Solves labor shortages – faster, safer, more consistent process reduces need for skilled labor
  • Goes where others can’t – thrives in disaster sites, Arctic conditions, and rugged terrain
  • More design freedom – endless customization of dimensions, textures, and aesthetics

To ease your transition to robotic concrete construction technology, we provide full training and 24/7 tech support.


What’s Included in Our 3D Concrete Printing Technology?

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Concrete Printers

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Take Your Construction Process to New Heights

Ready to grow your business and create real social impact? Anywhere, anytime – the X-Hab 3D concrete printing system is ready for you: