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Our 3D Concrete Printing Systems Go Anywhere You Go

X-Hab 3D manufactures mobile and fixed-site 3D concrete printers, provides functional and revolutionary concrete materials, and integrates it all with design and control software. Our one-of-a-kind system enabless rapid production with little human involvement, reducing your build costs and timeline.

We’re helping contractors, social-impact groups, and government agencies scale critical building efforts, even in Earth’s most rugged regions. To better understand what X-Hab 3D concrete printing systems can do for your operation – whether global or local – reach out via the form on this page.


How Can We Help You?

Concrete printing is ready to change the way you build, and so are we. Here are other ways you can reach out:

(Factory address) 3500 E. College Ave., State College, PA 16801

(Mailing address) 1344 S. Atherton St., State College, PA 16801

Still need to do more research on the process or system? Keep up with our 3D-printed construction news, developments, and tips by following our:


Who Is X-Hab 3D?

We started X-Hab 3D after a request by the Alaskan government to identify new technologies to solve rural housing problems.

Unlike other 3D concrete printing companies, X-Hab 3D was born from a hunger to make real social impact worldwide. And unlike other 3D concrete printer companies, we have the solutions to make that happen anywhere on Earth – and beyond.

The mobile version of our 3D concrete printers is fully ruggedized and semi-autonomous, able to work rapidly, precisely, and safely on tough terrain. The hardware, software, and materials are the brainchild of recognized leaders in robotics, science, and software, with backing from renowned Penn State labs.

See the exciting story behind these amazing advances: