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3D Concrete Printing Technology: Accurate, Real-Time Monitoring

Take full on-site control of the printing process. X-Hab 3D concrete printing technology establishes accuracy and efficiency at any job site on Earth.

What Is X-Hab 3D Printing Concrete Technology?

Most 3D concrete printers come with software. With X-Hab 3D, you gain an entire ecosystem of rigorous, yet easy-to-use scientific tools for mastering quality in the concrete printing process. 

  • Adjust mix on-site
  • Adjust geometry while keeping structural integrity
  • Free up weeks of capacity per build
Work off our gallery of premade structural models, or add your own. 
When you start to build, the data updates in real time, verifying accuracy and minimizing the need for human intervention. Our printing systems adjust for the conditions to optimize concrete usage to your design, performance, and code requirements.
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Why Use X-Hab 3D Concrete Printing Control Software?

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Technical Capabilities

Let's make your 3D concrete printing process as user-friendly as possible. 

X-Hab 3D’s technology integrates all software and hardware necessary for the before, during, and after concrete 3D printing:

  • Verifying design printability
  • Live print monitoring
  • Post-print analysis 

We crafted this software with intuitive UIs to ensure ease of transition. It's compatible with Windows 10 and accepts stereolithography (.stl) file types.

Our software suite employs Rhino with the Grasshopper plugin, creating a dynamic workflow that unlocks the full potential of 3D concrete. This not only enhances precision in structural modeling, but also facilitates dynamic adjustments through parametric models. The flexibility extends to accepting G-code from third-party slicing software.

Proficiency is key, so the software allows you to generate toolpaths from initial designs, creating a user-controlled, customizable workflow. Print parameters are then optimized for the toolpath, giving you the ability to fine-tune preferences with precision.

To complement this, our exclusive Design Gallery is not only a repository of pre-designed structures, but also as a dynamic source of inspiration and innovation.

Work Smarter, Work Better

Start 3D concrete printing construction in a reliable and safe way. Invest in the X-Hab 3D ecosystem.