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3D Concrete Printing (3DCP) Solution for the Construction Industry

A complete robotic 3D concrete printing system that’s expeditionary, rugged, and precise.

Our Revolutionary 3DCP System

Taking your construction projects to their next evolutions, X-Hab 3D concrete printing technology brings unmatched efficiency, cost control, and customization to your projects. 

A complete concrete construction solution that's changing how construction happens, our ecosystem of interrelated products addresses problems that can’t be solved with conventional building:

  • Faster build time
  • Reduced labor, material cost, and waste
  • Fewer supply chain issues
  • Fewer site injuries
  • Fire, storm, infestation resistant
  • More energy efficient
  • More design freedom

With fixed-site or mobile 3D concrete printer options available, our robotic concrete construction printing systems are easily transportable and come fully assembled, ready to help you build anywhere on the planet.  

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The 3D Concrete Printing Markets We’re Changing

Whether you’re 3D printing houses, commercial buildings, or public infrastructure, reconstruction after a natural disaster, or contingency bases in military conflict zones, our concrete 3D printing technology can handle just about any project.

Across the residential, commercial, and government sectors, X-Hab 3D printing systems make the headaches of navigating skilled labor shortages and supply chain disruptions a distant memory. Even better – your project benefits from 40-60% labor and material savings, as well as up to a 30% reduction in waste.  

No matter what you’re building, our 3D printing design software streamlines taking your project from concept to completion. Work from our rapidly growing library of designs or create your own with ease.

3D Concrete Printing Applications By Sector






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Project Portfolio

From national defense and higher education to housing and urban development, projects of all types are benefiting from 3D printing with concrete using our system.

Explore how X-Hab 3D concrete printing technology is leveling up construction in new ways.

Upgrade Your Construction With X-Hab 3D Concrete Printing Systems

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