Revolutionizing Construction with 3D Concrete Printing

Build Faster and Smarter, at a Lower Cost

Transforming Traditional Construction Methods

Our printing systems are designed to build just about anything in residential, commercial and government markets— anywhere on the planet and eventually beyond, with minimal need for supporting infrastructure or human intervention.

  • Houses
  • Basements
  • Walls
  • Roof components
  • Fireplaces, pools, fountains, fish ponds, and other back-yard features

Built To Go Anywhere

We wanted to create a fully mobile, rugged, and semi-autonomous printer, designed to print on unimproved, challenging terrain. Whether in a hilly neighborhood in Pennsylvania or a rural village in the Alaskan Arctic, our printer is ready for it.

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Advantages Over a Gantry System

No need for cranes, pads, rails, or other heavy equipment or infrastructure in set-up or operation. Our printer requires a small operator team to transport, set up, and operate. Set up only takes hours, not days.

Our mobile robotic arm-style printing system fits conveniently on a flatbed trailer or in a 20-foot shipping container. Unlike gantry systems that need several semi-trailers, ours rolls out fully assembled and is ready to print within two hours.


Our 3D concrete printing system includes three interrelated products.

Printing Systems

Our 3D concrete printers come in mobile and fixed-site versions with a materials mixer and pumping system.

Local Materials

We provide local concrete sources designed to be sustainable and to meet your project needs.

Technical Services

We offer expert training, design, engineering, and printing support to assist with the printing process.

Why make the switch to 3D concrete printing?

Decreases Cost & Build Time

Our systems can provide significant project cost reductions versus stick-built on the printed elements. The combined savings in labor and material can be 40 to 60% or more. The printer only requires a small operator team to transport, set up, and operate. Mobile setup in hours, not days, without cranes, pads, or rails. Remove weeks from the overall build schedule, add build capacity and overhead leverage beyond the material and labor savings. Builders enhance your margins and competitiveness!

Reduced Need for Skilled Labor

We include comprehensive training for our printers and help owners and operators learn design, engineering, standards compliance, monitoring, and more.  Reduce the required skilled labor across multiple trades of standard construction processes!

Meets Current Standards

Our printers adjust printing speed, bead dimensions, smoothing, and admixture ratios so that each part of the print is specific to your project needs. This integrated control system ensures the printer provides products to meet design, performance, code, and utility requirements.

Uses Readily Available Materials

By providing a system that can use readily available local materials with little or no required proprietary content, our printing system reduces supply chain long lead times and the environmental impact of proprietary material manufacturing and transport.

Reduces Material Waste

Our 3D printing process uses only the amount of concrete necessary to complete the desired structure. This reduces material waste by 30% or more when compared to traditional stick-built homes, helping conserve natural resources and reduce the carbon footprint of the construction process.

More Design Freedom

3D concrete printing gives complete design freedom, with no limitations like traditional stick-built homes. There are endless custom designs for dimensions, textures, colors, and decoration. This benefits both builders and homeowners.

Average Savings From Our Printer

for an exterior wall of 1200 sq. ft. house


Our 3D concrete printing system can save 40 to 60% or more in project costs over a traditional stick-built home


Our 3D concrete printing system can save 14 or more man-days on the build schedule


Builders can reduce labor by up to 70% by switching to concrete printing, and significantly reduce the potential for jobsite safety issues


Homeowners save on total cost of ownership with greater energy efficiency and structural resistance to fire, wind, flooding, and pest infestation

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