Nate is responsible for developing X-Hab 3D’s next generation printer system and associated products.  Prior to X-Hab, he was the Chief Architect of the 3D concrete printer developed by Penn State in its award-winning participation in NASA Challenge competition.

Seeing the impact and potential the technology held, Nate wanted to take the technology out of the lab and make it into an industrial, fieldable technology. He found the answer in entrepreneurship along with others in the Penn State concrete printing team. Meeting with those in the field and seeing the challenges with conventional construction firsthand motivates Nate to find unique, out-of-the-box solutions by taking advantage of additive manufacturing and automation. Constantly learning more about the interface of the printing technology, the materials used and manipulated, the design of what can be built, and the vast numbers of applications and environments this system can benefit keeps Nate always interested. Through developing this technology, he envisions designs that optimize the building’s performance rather than cost, printing using low carbon, high performance materials, and a printing system that ties everything together while making construction safer and more enjoyable to work in.

Nate has a MS in Additive Manufacturing and Design along with a BS in Mechanical Engineering, Penn State.

Outside X-Hab 3D, Nate enjoys spending time with family in nature, and constantly exploring and learning while applying new ideas into the next fun project.


Nate Watson
VP, Engineering & Product