Design, Engineering and Printing Services

X-Hab 3D offers expert design, engineering and wholesale printing services to minimize our customers’ learning curve and assist our customers with the 3D concrete printing process.

Architectural and Structural Design

XHab-3D’s expert designers and engineers will help move customers at any stage to a 3D printed design that meets their functional requirements. We work with our customers to design both the product and its manufacturing process using integrative BIM technology and AI, following what we call a holistic design approach.

At residential construction scale, we bring our experience to help transition the design of all the building elements, including structure and insulation, windows and door frames, and technical installations into integrated printing solutions and tie the design and building processes together.

At small-parts scale, considering both on-site and off-site printing strategies, our engineers will help produce custom pre-printed equivalent elements to ASTM standards with less turn-around time and cost than traditional precast solutions.

We help our customers assess the pros and cons of following on-site or off-site printing strategies, taking into consideration design features and data on the overall construction context.

Wholesale Printing Services

We also offer wholesale printing services to builders and construction firms who prefer to outsource these services rather than develop them in-house.