3D Concrete Printers



Our 3D concrete printers come in mobile and fixed-site versions. Our Mobile Expeditionary 3D Printer (“MX3DP”) system is a compact, ruggedized robotic-arm style 3D printer mounted on a continuous track mobile platform. The MX3D system is designed and built to perform accurately and reliably in the most difficult conditions, including unimproved, challenging terrain, without the need for supporting heavy equipment or infrastructure in its setup or operation.

The MX3D printer comes fully assembled and fits into a standard shipping container for transportation by truck, plane, helicopter, ship, or barge to the point of need, anywhere on the planet. Once at the desired location, the printer can exit the container and move about the construction site under its own power. It is will also be equipped with hydraulic lift capability for added reach and elevation and positioning technology for precise location and maximum printing accuracy.

Our Fixed Site 3D Printer (“FS3DP”) uses the same ruggedized robotic-arm style 3D printer as our mobile version but is designed to be mounted on a stationary pedestal at the customer’s workplace as opposed to a mobile platform.

Both MX3DP and FS3DP printer versions come standard with the following equipment.

Smart Nozzle:

  • Accelerant admixture control at print head
  • Flowrate control
  • Start/stop
  • Material-quality sensors
  • Rotational nozzle

Robotic-Arm Configuration:

  • Robotic arm with 6-axis rotation and extended reach to 3.8 meters
  • Robot controller with integrated software for code generation and slicing tools
  • Robust control software and user interface
  • Sensor array for closed loop control and logging
  • Permanently mounted on mobile platform

Materials Mixer and Pumping System:

  • Coarse Aggregate Pump
  • All hoses and feed lines for normal operation and for flushing cycles

Remote Control: Wireless tablet for controlling mixer/pump, smart nozzle, pump, robot, and mobile platform

X-Hab 3D provides the customer training for setup, operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and repair as part of its sales process, a two-year warranty on printer purchases, and a 24/7 technical support network.

For product details, including pricing and delivery schedules on the MX3DP or FSX3DP Systems, please contact us at info@xhab3d.com.